What is the ideal spa experience ?

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What is the ideal spa experience ?

What is the ideal spa experience ?

We believe there is no wrong way to have your hibiscus  spa experience. Depending on your time available, budget, needs and desires, you can choose what best suits you.

However,  we do have recommendations based of our unique spa features we have to share and our therapists. Ideally 90 mins to 2 hours will deliver the time and attention necessary to get you into a deep state of relaxation and bliss whilst focusing on the majority of your body’s needs.

As we have 2 Vichy showers then it would be a must to experience this wonderful body scrub/water massage to get your spa experience started. A massage of your choice to follow really dives in deep to soothe and relax your body after it’s been gently exfoliated, and if your feeling like the extra attention is needed you can add a facial, foot treatment, hair mask or finish with a lovely soak in our warm magnesium spa bath to end on a high note.

So whether you want to simply treat yourself to a quick hour massage or facial, or perhaps your feeling into the ultimate hibiscus spa experience of up to 3 hours of pampering, it’s truly up to you with what fits into your holiday plans. Either way you choose we’d love to see you here at hibiscus spa for some YOU time on the table

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