The magic of the Vichy shower

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The magic of the Vichy shower

The magic of the Vichy shower

One of the standout spa treatments  here at hibiscus spa and resort Port Douglas is our Vichy showers , most luxury spas are decked out with Vichy showers , however here in Port Douglas they’re a rare commodity.

The beauty of our Vichy showers are that we have the ability to facilitate our full body scrubs whilst having the warm flowing water of the Vichy jets pour over your body washing away all the salt scrub and mud masks. FYI, These jets are not high pressure jets , they are a light to medium flow of water much like the average shower pressure which is just enough to provide you with the deep relaxation , and gentle touch perfect for soothing the nervous system.

The Vichy Baths date to the times of The Roman conquest of what is now France when Julius Caesar discovered “Vichy” water or literally “hot cross” meaning warm water crossing their path. The story relates that Caesar’s horses, depleted of minerals from the hard pace they had kept, drank the water and became immediately stronger. A spa was established in the centres of France called “Vichy” by the Romans that exists to this day!

Europeans also know that carbonated Vichy Water, along with its high and balanced mineral content, relieves those with extreme circulatory problems. Diabetics and others stay at Vichy, France, and Vichy Springs, Ukiah and bathe several times per day with dramatic circulatory increases.

Perfect before a massage or part of one of our exclusive pampering packages, a must have experience if you’ve not tried whilst here in Port Douglas

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