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The Path to Inner Harmony: Embark on a Journey of Self-Care with Us

Hibiscus resort & spa is a pinnacle of rejuvenation and relaxation, where your health comes first. We redefine relaxation at our facility with our superb massage services crafted to meet your requirements.

Our skilled massage therapists perform their magic, releasing stress and daily tensions like a flowing stream. Each therapist is chosen by hand based on their unmatched abilities and love of the massage technique. They are naturally aware of the human body, so they know exactly what your body needs with every stroke and knead. Our massage services bring the following benefits to your body!

  • Stress relief
  • Reduce muscle pain and stiffness
  • Muscle spasms Relief
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Skin nourishment
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Improved posture
  • Relief from headaches
  • Enhanced wellness and health
  • Healing body aches

Embrace Luxury Relaxation with our Massage Services

Experience the height of luxury relaxation as you benefit from our world-class massage services in Port Douglas. In our spa, we take great delight in creating a serene environment where your body, mind, and spirit are pampered at all times.

Our massage treatments are an amazing experience for you and a celebration of refinement and renewal. You will immediately feel at ease and elegant as soon as you step inside our tranquil space. 

The calming yet energising movements will make you feel refreshed and reborn. Our therapists emphasise problem regions, alleviating tension and encouraging healing. To experience peace, pick a massage from the list below:

Deep Tissue Massage
Relaxation Massage
Therapeutic Deep or Relaxing Oil Massage + Magnesium Spa
Deep or Relaxing Massage & Vichy Shower
Lomi Lomi Massage
Full Body Massage & Facial
Couple Massage

Experience the Relaxation Your Body Craves with us

Beyond the massage table, we are dedicated to your overall well-being. In order to create a peaceful environment, we combine soft lighting and a tranquil atmosphere. Your entire experience has been carefully planned to provide a singular sensory getaway.

Your path to relaxation at our spa should be smooth from beginning to end. Our kind and helpful team will welcome you as soon as you enter our doors, walking you through the variety of services we provide and ensuring your preferences are taken care of. With the help of our renowned spa, you can enjoy the height of luxury and tranquillity as you set out on an indulgent journey, relax, renew, and energise. Unlock the secrets of inner harmony y booking your appointment today!




  • Hibiscus Lomi Lomi Massage
  • Hibiscus Hot Stone
  • Hibiscus Couples Package
  • Hibiscus Deep or Relaxing Therapeutic Oil Massage + Vichy Shower
  • Hibiscus Full Body Relaxation Massage + Head Mask/Massage & Foot Scrub
  • ‘Therapeutic Deep or Relaxing Oil Massage + Magnesium Spa

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